for those of us who can't go home again.

familyless, not hopeless.
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i created this community because i desperately want to see a joining of familyless souls from all walks of life. i truly believe that, despite all the differences there are between us, we humans are vastly alike. and it's in those moments of candid honesty, patience, and spirited reflection that truth is shared, and beautiful things happen.

this community is open and welcoming to all genders, all sexes, all sexualities, all religions, all races, etc. if you think you belong here, you DO.

so let's put on some coffee, pull up our chairs, and make ourselves whole and beautiful again. we can do this.

: don't be a asshat. if you are, i'll take you out.
: diversify! if there's something you don't understand, ask NICELY.
: respect. always respect. live journal provides us with a VERY condensed version of people's lives. there is so much you don't know. even if you don't like it and don't want to try, be nice.
: i'm the grammar police. i'm not going to be correcting anybody's typos, but if you don't know the difference between a ! and a 1, then you should off be learning that, not here. just...please don't make me cringe.

that's it! alright, now post away...