Sirena of blue water (sirena_luna) wrote in senza_radici,
Sirena of blue water

Realizing that a community like this was set up warms my heart. Too often things are cold and asture and it is frowned upon to be caring. If that is fashionable then I am glad to be unfashionable. I think life is too short to be cold and although sometimes it happens because you have been hurt so much, and let down, searching out those who care never seems to stop being a fantasy of mine.
I feel familyless. Technically my family are living so maybe it is wrong to say this, but I do. I know my story and life are nowhere nearly as bad or horrific as so many I have been witness to. In part I speak because I want others to know they have people out there who DO care. In part I speak because I too feel lonely. I wish sometimes I had this fantasy family - then I realize that is so naive and probably not very healthy. Most of all I just want to be loved - not worshipped or adored, just loved for who I am. Family often doesn't do that. I find this a terrible shame.
Anyway for anyone who is lonely, just know, you are not alone, and you are not weird or unwanted completely - there are people who care. Thank you to the moderator who set this community up. I wish there were more like you.
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