bella. (bella_rivolta) wrote in senza_radici,

i want to change my name. i've wanted this for a really long time. when i was 15, i used to read the phone book for good names. when i was 11, i was legally adopted by my stepfather. he and my mom changed my last name without telling me until it was too late. i hate his last name, and i'm an adult now,'s time.

for a while i thought about taking back my father's last name, the one i was born with. but he and i aren't doing so well, and my aunt and i aren't doing so well, and...i'm just not feeling it. i'm ready to reinvent.

i'm a firm believer in serendipity and intuition, and finding my way and myself accidentally. i created this username while i was in NYC, as just a new email address. i fell in love with it. my ex used to call me bella, and i loved it so much that i told her not to call me anything else. she would even address me as that on mail...

but what i'm wondering/struggling with is my family. i'm not close with any of them at the moment, but what if that changes? are they going to think i'm criminally insane if i show up with a completely different name than the last time they saw me? what about my sisters? my father? my grandmother?

i know that to do this, i have to not care what anyone else thinks. i have to get comfy with it because, after all, it is MY IDENTITY.

so i'm just going to you think that this girl

could be a Bella? i'm thinking of isabella francesca rivolta as my full name. i wanted something not so white girl sounding, something that flowed, something that would look hot on a dust jacket. bella rivolta means "beautiful rebellion" in italian, and francesca means "free." i personally love it, i just can't tell whether or not it's totally ridiculous...

comment and help a sister out, would ya?
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