bella. (bella_rivolta) wrote in senza_radici,

i had a good day today. i had a good day yesterday, and in spite of it all, i will likely have a good day tomorrow.

the nights, however, have been awful. 

yesterday was the two year anniversary of my grandfather's (ie, the only father i ever had) death. today, july 8, is the 8th anniversary of losing my mother (ie, the worst day of my life). the 25th will be 7 years since my stepfather killed himself with the bottle (alcoholism). 

i love the month of june. july can bite me. 

i'm trying to surround myself with people who love me. i'm trying to do good things for me and my little family. sometimes, like thursday, it all gets to be too much and i'm left crying on the bathroom floor. it's's so so hard. 

but i'm trying, and that has got to count for something. life's gotta get better eventually. 

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