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I mentioned a few weeks back, in my journal, that my brother had gotten engaged and was moving to Pennsylvania. At the time, I really wasn't sure how I felt about it and honestly still don't.

But I had a revelation this morning as I thought about he and his fiance heading cross country from Michigan to Pennsylvania this coming Monday.

She will no longer have a way to try to find me. His moving out of Michigan cuts the last ties She has to me. She will no longer be able to hound him, to call him up out of the blue, saying She knows I am in town, as She did a number of years ago when he ran into Her on the bus one day. He will be free from Her. He won't have to stress out over Her demanding to know where I am and he won't have to call mom asking what he should do anymore.

I will be free from Her trying to find me , once and for all. This is liberating to me.
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