Hermit in Training (thebrzlian) wrote in senza_radici,
Hermit in Training

Binders - X-posted

I have four previously worn binders for sale. All from Underworks and all medium size. If you're interested, keep reading:

White Double Panel Compression Shirt - has been well worn and shows it, but it still works well. It will fit more loosely for someone who is at the low side of medium. Price brand new is $29.99. Only US$10.00.

Black Double Panel Compression Shirt - I have two of these and they are practically new. One of them has a small tear under the left arm, but it does not affect the results of the binding. Price brand new is also $29.99. US$15.00 a piece.

Concealer Body Compression Shirt - With sleeves. Worn once. Brand new, it costs $32.99. Only $20.00.

For all four binders, US$60.00.

I will charge for shipping and handling if you're only interested in one of the binders. That will run about $4.05 if you live in the United States; I'm not sure how much to ship overseas, but will look into that if necessary. If you purchase all binders, I will cover shipping and handling.

Reply if you're interested, so we can talk business.

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